Introduction To Home Styles In Phoenix, Arizona

If you are unfamiliar with the home designs in Arizona you might be thinking that all the houses are cookie-cutter family homes in varying shades of beige. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Arizona offers one-of-a-kind landscapes (like the Antelope Canyons and the Grand Canyon), unique attractions, and gorgeous weather. Not to mention, some legendary sunsets! The uniqueness does not stop there, though. Arizona housing is just as vast and unique as the Grand Canyon. Here, the architectural housing style ranges from pueblo style to ranch style, to mid-century modern homes, and any combinations in between. You’ll find that basements are not so common here, but pools are! With 42% of homes in Arizona having an in-ground pool to help you cool off in the summertime. 


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Neighborhoods in Phoenix, Arizona are also quite distinctive. Some being more western-style locales while other neighborhoods are equipped with amazing schools that are perfect for young families, and still, others cater to those looking for more refined first-class experiences. No matter what you’re looking for in your community and your home, Arizona has an option that’s just as unique as you are.

Metro Phoenix and Scottsdale Home Styles In Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the heart of Arizona, and it usually steals most of the attention from travelers. But for good reason! Phoenix has so much to offer its residents. If you’re looking for a high-end shopping experience check out the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. Which is right next to the Arcadia neighborhood, known for some of the best dining in Phoenix! But if cultural experiences are more your thing then you’ll find no shortage of them in this area.

There are a plethora of museums to choose from in Phoenix. Including the Phoenix Art Museum, the Heard Museum, and the Musical Instrument Museum. Also, check out the artsy Roosevelt Row neighborhood (aka RoRo) for some of the best art galleries. Roosevelt Row also hosts monthly First Friday Art Walks. If you’re looking to indulge in some of the Western history that Arizona is known for then a trip to Old Town Scottsdale will not disappoint. For all of the nature lovers out there, Phoenix has something to offer you too. Take advantage of the Desert Botanical Gardens and the OdySea Aquarium. Not to mention the many hiking and biking trails in close proximity. Papago Park is one of the most popular destinations and offers beautiful red rock scenery.  

It’s no secret that Phoenix, also nicknamed “Valley of the Sun”, has been hot in the real estate world recently. But that’s mostly for the affordable housing options, low mortgage rates, and sunny weather. What about the actual look and style of the homes you’ll be buying into in this area of the state? Well, I assure you those won’t disappoint either. Phoenix is probably the most architecturally diverse area when it comes to home offerings. For example, the next three homes, shown below, are all on the same street. Yet, they are completely unique in their architectural style and design. 

A Gorgeous Spanish Colonial in the South Scottsdale area of Phoenix, Arizona

Take this beautiful Spanish Colonial (also known as Spanish Mission) style home as an example. This style has become one of the most popular in the Phoenix area. These style homes are marked by a few distinctive features that you can pick out in the photo above. One is that these homes are usually built in an L shape. This is to make room for the central, or side, courtyard that is pretty much essential to any home built in this style. The walls are typically always made of thick stucco that helps retain heat in the winter and keep the home cool in the summer. In this architectural style, the walls are typically a lighter color, like white or off-white, and accented by heavy wooden doors and ironwork. Flat roofs connecting to parapets that line the perimeter of the courtyard are also a marker of this style. 

A classic Arizona Ranch style home in Phoenix, Arizona

This next Phoenix home is a classic Arizona Ranch style build. This style can be found in mass throughout the state, but each is usually customized in some way to make it unique from the other homes with this same style. Ranch style homes in the area are known for their single story floor plan and open concept interior. These homes are usually built into an L or U shape. One of the main purposes of homes built in this style is to merge the indoors with the outdoors. Therefore, you’ll notice large, expansive front yards and backyards prioritized in these home builds. Usually, large sliding glass doors will be a key feature you will see in this style of home builds to help bring the outside inside. Another wonderful characteristic of these homes is that they typically incorporate space for a large two-car garage.

A beautiful Mid-Century Modern Build in Phoenix, Arizona

The last style we’ll look at in Phoenix is the mid-century modern build that’s pictured above. Modern homes like this one are known for their open concepts and very specific design aesthetic. Such as the noticeable window features that let a lot of light into the home. These homes also tend to use specialized building materials and feature quite a few high-end technology features. Frank Lloyd Wright inspired many of the modern architectural designs around the Phoenix area, and there are even more than a dozen of his homes sprinkled throughout the valley. 

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Gilbert and Chandler Home Styles in Phoenix, Arizona

As you venture out more towards the town of Gilbert and the city of Chandler you’ll find some slightly different architectural styles at play. This is where you’ll see more neighborhoods that feature a collective theme in all the homes within the community. Not necessarily a cookie-cutter, as each home still has its own design you can choose from. Even in these neighborhoods, you’ll rarely find two of the same homes next to each other. 

Since Gilbert and Chandler are a little removed from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix and Scottsdale this is usually a prime location for young families. There’s plenty of great schools along with many parks and open spaces. But you won’t lose the great restaurant experiences or attractions just because you’re in more of the suburbs. Just take a 10 – 15 minute drive to downtown Chandler or Downtown Gilbert. You can enjoy taco Tuesday at Joyride Tacos, have Brazilian coffee at Peixoto, or make the most of your Saturday night at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row. Plus, if you do want to journey into Scottsdale, or the more central downtown, area it’ll only set you back about a half-hour drive or so. Making Gilbert and Chandler a great balance between not having to deal with the hassles of city living and still getting to enjoy all the benefits of being in the city. 

A Tuscan Style build in the Sun Lakes area of Phoenix, Arizona

The house pictured above is a beautiful Tuscan style build. This type of architectural style is popular in many neighborhoods throughout the state. In fact, many home builds in this area, and in the state, feature a combination of Tuscan and Spanish style architecture. Phoenix’s similar climate and landscape to the coastal Mediterranean terrain, where the style originated from, is what makes it a favored style for homebuilders. This means the homes are often painted nice, warm tones of yellow, orange, brown, and even red. You’ll also usually find that there’s no shortage of terra cotta features on these builds. Whether it’s displayed through terra cotta roof tiles or terra cotta brick accents on the exterior of the home. Many of these styled homes will also feature stone walkways, and use distinctive archways as accent points on their design. Inside these Tuscan styled builds, you’ll find high ceilings and a focus on the “great rooms”. Which would include the common areas, living rooms, and often kitchens as well. 

A Mediterranean Revival in the Chandler area of Phoenix, Arizona

Similar to the last home design, this next design also incorporates some of the same exterior features. This architectural style is known as Mediterranean Revival. You’ll usually find that homes designed in this style take inspiration from Spanish Colonial designs, Mediterranean designs, and Italian Renaissance designs. Some key features of the Mediterranean Revival include the classic red tiled roofs and wrought iron balconies or window grilles. These can be found on almost every home designed in this style (like the one pictured above).

Another detail you’ll generally see in this style of design is the focus on arched windows or entryways like we saw in the Tuscan style. Whether the arched details are circular or squared, you’ll find this accent on almost every home done in a Mediterranean Revival design. 

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Fountain Hills Home Styles in Phoenix, Arizona

Fountain Hills is a little off the beaten path, but it’s a true gem. This town has a lot to offer. One of the most significant things being a more quiet, peaceful living environment. It’s slightly removed from the more urban areas of Scottsdale and Phoenix, and closer to the natural, mountainous geography of Arizona. Making this area perfect for any outdoor enthusiasts! You’ll find there’s no shortage of outdoor adventures to embark on when you live in this area.

For example, if hiking is your thing then you’ll be pleased that there is an abundance of trails to blaze in Fountain Hills. Some of the most popular being in the McDowell Mountain Regional Park which’s located right in the area. This neighborhood also has a range of outdoor activity tours you can explore, and is the home to some of Arizona’s most popular golf courses. Looking for a really special experience? Fountain Hills has got you covered here too. Try taking a tour of the Four Peaks Amethyst Mine and mine your own crystal while you’re at it. This one-of-a-kind experience was rated #6 by Phoenix Magazine on their list of the top 100 “Bucket List” things to do in Arizona. 

Since this town is more akin to the surrounding terrain than to the city, it offers a lot more land and space than other communities. For this reason, Fountain Hills has a lot of large custom designed homes built here. Therefore, homes built here can range from ultra modern, to pueblo style, to Mediterranean and everything in between. It just depends on what the builder was going for. You will find community style homes with a common theme built here as well. It all just depends on what you’re looking for. 

A Contemporary Designed  Pueblo Revival Home in the Fountain Hills area of Phoenix, Arizona

This Fountain Hills home pictured above features a nice blend between Contemporary design and Pueblo Revival. Similar home designs to this one will often have the flat roofs that are common to both the Contemporary and Pueblo style. In addition, they’ll usually adopt the multi-layered home build that is seen in often contemporary designs. Windows in these builds also usually take on the contemporary style. This is why you’ll find many large windows, sometimes taking up most of the wall, in this blended design style.   But the exterior color and style will customarily reflect the pueblo style with warm yellow and orange tones painted on stucco walls. This exterior expression also flows nicely with the surrounding landscape and is commonly used in this area and throughout the state. 

A Classic Pueblo Revival home in the Fountain Hills area of Phoenix, Arizona

Fountain Hills will also offer you some of your more classic Pueblo Revival styled builds (as pictured above). This architectural style takes its inspiration from Spanish missions and pueblos that are often seen in some other surrounding states like New Mexico. Some key indicators of homes built in this style are going to be the thick stucco or adobe walls and the signature flat rooftops. Pueblo Revival style homes are also known to feature exposed wood beams or accents. Sometimes more modernized pueblo homes will use exposed metalwork or painted wood in place of the rustic looking wooden beams. Like the other homes that draw from Spanish influences, Pueblo Revival homes are often painted varying shades of red and yellow. However, some of these homes will also stand out with lighter reds or off-white shades. 


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Peoria and Glendale Home Styles in Phoenix, Arizona

Similar to Fountain Hills, the cities of Peoria and Glendale are also slightly removed from the core of the Phoenix Valley. Nonetheless, this area still has a lot to offer its residents, from relaxing spa getaways to one-of-a-kind outdoor activities. Check out Cibola Vista Resort & Spa for a nice massage to help you unwind, or challenge your family to a game at one of their many outdoor sports courts. They have tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, and more! So, you and your family will never get bored. Speaking of sports, Glendale is home to two of Arizona’s sports teams arenas. Those being the  State Farm Stadium that’s home to the Arizona Cardinals (NFL), and the arena that’s home to the Phoenix Coyotes (NHL).  

Additionally, the gorgeous Lake Pleasant is located within the Peoria city limits. This lake is one of the most scenic lakes that the valley has to offer. Not to mention, it’s also only a short 45 minute drive for those living in the metropolitan Phoenix area. This lake has a lot more to offer than just admiring its beauty though. At Lake Pleasant, there are year round camping sites available, and many surrounding trails for pedestrians to hike or mountain bike on. If you’d like to actually get in the water the location offers a variety of activities you can choose from. Including paddleboard yoga, kayaking, and boating rentals available on the marina. 

Homes built in this area can take on a few different styles. This can depend on if the neighborhood you’ve chosen is a lake neighborhood, or pushed up more along the side of the mountain range. Making Peoria and Glendale the perfect place for Pueblo Revival, Bungalow, and Mediterranian style home builds. 

A Classic Bungalow Style home in the Glendale area of Phoenix, Arizona

The house featured above is a classic bungalow style home build. This architectural style was a product of the Arts and Crafts Movement that started in the 19th century. Homes built during this period were meant to represent the common man’s home or the craftsman’s home. These home builds usually feature simple designs and handmade features. Typically, you’ll find a central fireplace featured in these homes along with an open floor plan. Another key identifier of a Bungalow home is the low pitched roofs. These homes can take on a lot of character since they’re styled from the Arts and Crafts Movement. This can be seen in the variety of colors that Bungalow homes can be seen in. It honestly just depends on the style of the homeowner.

Summary on Phoenix Home Styles

As you can see, Arizona has a variety of home options to choose from. From the mountain landscape in Fountain Hills known for its unique home builds to the urban metropolis of the Phoenix valley where you’ll find a number of architectural styles. So, whether you’re a collector of high-end experiences, a nature enthusiast, a sports fan, or a young family you’ll find a neighborhood perfect for you and your family.

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