Our Business – A Message From Our CEO

Tony Preston
CEO, JPAR Vantage & Associates

We are excited to be a part of your commercial real estate investment goals, here in Phoenix, Arizona. Our dedication to system implementation, training, mentoring, and the adoption of new technology, is paramount to our success, and deeply ingrained in our passion for the process of creating wealth for our valued investors. We are problem solvers at our core, and are equipped to provide extensive guidance and understanding of the commercial real estate space industry in Arizona. As a third generation real estate professional, I grew up in the middle of real estate transactions and learned the art of the negotiation as a result of the constant exposure to the industry. Logically, I pursued real estate, and have a particular passion for commercial real estate here in the state of Arizona.

We are problem solvers. This skill allows us to develop a successful career and empower others to navigate through the complexities of real estate transactions. With over 100 years of experience as entrepreneurs, several second and third-generation real estate leaders, our careers have led us to improve, utilize and adapt to new technological systems in order to boost revenues and improve life. With a strong foundation, we are well equipped to provide the appropriate guidance and understanding in this industry. Please join us in creating new wealth and successful transactions.


Tony Preston

Investing For Wealth

Investing in real estate isn’t as scary as you would think. There are several reasons why people want to acquire these investments including wealth building, passive income flows, leverage, portfolio building, and credibility. For most investors, the focus is always on whether or not the numbers make sense. Investing into something that could potentially yield little to no profits is a big concern for most people, and one of the major reasons that they do not pursue real estate as a source for income. Despite this, there are thousands of investors who develop plans for wealth building in real estate.





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Our Featured For Sale Properties

Commercial real estate investment is booming in the Phoenix metropolitan areas of Arizona. Here are a number of our featured properties available right now for commercial real estate investors. If you’re looking for our For Lease properties in the Phoenix area, please find those in the top Navigation bar under Commercial

Our Core Strengths


Technology provides our team with the tools they need to succeed. Each agent is trained on several technology platforms that are ultimately in place to best serve our clients.


Ambition is at the heart of each commercial agent and a Go-Getter mentality is what we look for when hiring members.

Positive Energy

Energy radiates throughout our business practices. We strive to create a positive and energetic environment for all of our agents.


Entrepreneurship is fundamental in the commercial division. We are a group of like-minded professionals who take their business very seriously and always look for ways to improve.

Investing In Phoenix Commercial Real Estate

For many investing in commercial real estate is an ideal way to build wealth over time. Commercial real estate has not been immune to the global changes which occurred in 2020, and continue in the current market. Having an experienced, trusted partner, backed by technology, data, and decision integrity, is an absolute must in a market that changes so rapidly, and where the stakes are so high. Commercial real estate technology continues to evolve and go digital. Massive migrations and newly adopted legislation will undoubtedly guide the commercial real estate market. As millennials push into the suburbs, but refuse to give up the benefits of living in an urban area, markets will evolve. As fringe national industries grow, the commercial real estate space will bend with them. Aligning with a partner who has the experience and knowledge to guide today’s investors has never been more important. We’re all about connecting people with properties, and teaching them the strategies to grow their wealth and cash flow as they seek financial freedom. Start a conversation with our senior team of investment experts now.

Let’s start a conversation today. We want to address all of your concerns and answer all of your Phoenix Commercial Property questions.






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