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JPAR Vantage is the first corporate franchise of JP & Associates Realtors to enter the Phoenix, Arizona market. Branching from one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the nation, JPAR Vantage is positioning technology, productivity, and service at the forefront of its business model, and operates with the mantra of “Connecting People To Properties”.

A mixture of motivated agents, specializing in a magnitude of real estate transaction specialties ensure that JPAR Vantage remains a dynamic and multifaceted competitor in the Phoenix real estate market. JPAR Vantage prides itself on always having the clients’ best interest in mind, and relies on its “top down” values and culture to keep the brokerage proactive at pursuing and challenging every evolving trend.

By relentlessly pursuing competitive advantage by deploying refined marketing and technology strategy JPAR Vantage can ensure its clients always experience a positive and rewarding outcome from any relationship with the company.

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