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The Gilbert area is a great place to live in the Phoenix area. Many families and young professionals live in the Gilbert area. The school systems there are some of the best, and there are above par restaurants, coffee shops and amenities for the citizens of its city.

Phoenix is a growing population, due to much of the migration over the last few years. There’s a mix of urban and suburban vibes, depending on where you plan to put down. A wide array of home styles and local amenities make Phoenix a great place to call home.

Scottsdale is on the upper level of good living.  With a vibrant nightlife, plenty of good restaurants and entertainment options, Scottsdale is truly the Beverly Hills of Arizona. The home styles range from wildly modern to quaint and cozy. Scottsdale is five stars.

Tempe is known as a college town, with a very youthful vibe, full of energy and positive energy. You’ll find a lot of beautiful mid range homes, and amenities to match in the Phoenix area. Many young professionals, families, and students call Tempe home.

Mesa is very family oriented, and a place that many go for quiet and retirement. There are a number of good school systems, and median value homes are quite popular in the Mesa area.  A bit outside of the hustle and bustle, Mesa is a good pick.

Chandler is also a wonderful suburban destination. With homes ranging from upper median to middle median, you’ll find what you need in Chandler.  The school systems are excellent, and you’ll find plenty of community amenities as well.

Peoria is the 6th largest city in Arizona. This area continues to grow and is far enough outside of Metro Phoenix, that you have quiet and nature. Peoria is a destination if you are looking for lots of outdoor activities  and nature.

Buckeye is a preferred destination if you’re looking for very rural and sparsely populated. Your dollar travels farther here with regards to home values, but the sacrifice is being further from the main metro areas. Temperatures can be a bit hotter.

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