When you think of Scottsdale, Arizona, you may think of a town in the desert that only has luxurious golf courses and million-dollar homes. While it is true that Scottsdale is home to beautiful courses and amenities, there is much more to do than simply swinging your golf clubs and retreating to your hotel room. Whether you are ready to visit the beautiful desert for a long weekend or are relocating your family to a sunny city, we are here to fill you in on Scottsdale’s captivating entertainment, the housing market, rich history, and lively events. 

The Infamous Nickname

Decades ago, Scottsdale was dubbed “The West’s Most Western Town” due to its location, development of ranching operations, and American Western lifestyle. However, a lot has changed in this city since claiming this name back in the ’40s. More recently, the use of this nickname has sparked controversy and debate throughout the state. Is Scottsdale truly the west’s most western town? 

Just up the road from Scottsdale, you’ll find the city of Cave Creek, AZ. The Mayor of Cave Creek claims that Scottsdale outgrew the nickname several years ago. He stated that Scottsdale has veered away from the typical Western lifestyle and is now more of a suburban city, making Cave Creek the ultimate Western town in Arizona. However, Scottsdale officials say that Cave Creek needs to get creative and come up with a nickname of their own. Despite the ongoing debate, Scottsdale’s nickname of The West’s Most Western Town stands. Although, we don’t know what the future holds for this high-noon nickname showdown!



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The  Scottsdale Housing Market

Scottsdale is a great place for those who are wanting to raise a family. This is due to safe suburban areas, low crime rates, and having several of the best schools in the state. These factors combined with the adequate cost of living and superior job opportunities make Scottsdale an ideal place to settle down. Check out the latest prices of Scottsdale homes for sale by visiting our JPAR Vantage property search page.


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Median Home Pricing and Cost of Living In Scottsdale, Arizona

The median home price in Scottsdale is right around $600,000. Generally, this budget will cover the cost of a single-family home of approximately 2,500 square feet with 3 to 4 bedrooms. Although single-family homes dominate the housing market in Scottsdale, there are also a plethora of apartment complexes, condos, townhomes, and houses for those who are looking to rent.

You may think that living in Scottsdale is out of your reach. After all, it does boast multi-million dollar homes with wealthy residents. However, there are working-class areas, such as South Scottsdale, and plenty of ground to cover in between. The cost of living is surprisingly affordable in this western town and its residents also earn a higher median income. 


Hottest Communities In Scottsdale

No matter your lifestyle, Scottsdale offers so many great neighborhoods and communities. Here are some of the hottest communities in Scottsdale.


  • McCormick Ranch. This community started as a horse ranch, created to raise and train Arabian horses. Now, McCormick Ranch has transformed into a suburban community that is home to several lakes and beautiful mountain views. This area is perfect for families and has shopping centers, hotels, churches, and more.
  • Gainey Ranch. Another ideal option for families, Gainey Ranch covers more than 560 acres of gated communities that contain everything from large homes to townhomes. Nearby are several office buildings, commercial areas, and golf courses.
  • North Scottsdale. Living in North Scottsdale eliminates the commute for lots of working families. There are several residential subdivisions very close to offices and commercial centers, making it a great place to work and play.
  • Downtown Scottsdale. If you like to be in the heart of the action, Downtown is the perfect place for you to live. Bustling nightlife, luxury apartments, dining, shopping, and more are right around the corner. If you prefer the old-school western feel, check out the Old Town area.


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Home Styles

What architectural styles of homes catch your eye? In Scottsdale, you’ll find an array of different home styles, ranging from its western roots to modern and contemporary. The top home styles in Scottsdale are:


  1. Southwestern. This style features Pueblo characteristics interwoven with Spanish Colonial aspects. You’ll find stucco exteriors and flat roofs.
  2. Ranch-Style. These homes are one story and have long, L-shaped layouts. 
  3. The Mediterranean. Mediterranean-style homes generally have red-tiled roofs, stucco exteriors, and front courtyards.
  4. Tuscan. These homes have warm, yellow-toned finishes, terra-cotta tiles, and colorful shutters.
  5. Spanish Colonial. This style of home generally has archways, small windows, adobe, and stucco exteriors.


Be sure to do some research to find which type best suits your style! And, don’t forget to check out our in depth guide on what different home styles in Phoenix look like.  


The Scottsdale Job Market

In both 2019 and 2020, Scottsdale was named the best place in America to find a job. The study that determined this compared 180 cities with more than 30 factors of job-market strength. Among these factors were job opportunities, average salary, unemployment rate, and housing rates. This study conducted by WalletHub determined that Scottsdale was number one.

The small city of Scottsdale is home to over 26,000 businesses and contains about 20% of Arizona’s corporate headquarters, making it a leading job center in the state. The city supplies nearly 150,000 jobs thanks to Scottsdale’s small and large businesses alike. You will experience a higher median income than the surrounding cities, making the cost of living even more affordable.


What To Do in Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a city that is jam-packed with unique experiences. The city provides entertainment for outdoor enthusiasts, dedicated golfers, shopping addicts, single businesspeople, families, and more. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to the West’s Most Western Town or you live here and are trying to explore your hometown, you won’t run out of entertainment and things to do while you’re here. Here are some of the most popular attractions of Scottsdale plus some of our favorite hidden gems that we know you will enjoy.


Scottsdale Dining, Drinks, and Retail Therapy

Hungry? Scottsdale is a foodie’s heaven in the desert! Aside from the delicious restaurants and run-of-the-mill pubs that lace the streets of Scottsdale, there is also a secret underground food scene. These underground eateries feature world-renowned chefs, a one-of-a-kind ambiance, and eclectic drinks and dishes. If you’re wanting to eat like a local at one of these unconventional eating establishments, you’ll want to head to Kazimierz Wine and Whiskey Bar. If you blink, you’ll miss the discreet entrance to this speakeasy-type bar. Once inside, you’ll experience over 2,000 types of wine, live entertainment, and intimate dining areas.

Are you looking to do some retail therapy or head to the spa? You’re in the right place. Scottsdale is known to have the best shopping facilities in the state of Arizona. Home to over 2,500 luxury stores, small boutiques, and grand malls, you’re guaranteed to have a store to fit your unique style. Scottsdale is known for its beautiful outdoor shopping malls that are intertwined with dazzling water features and twinkling lights. You can shop until you drop in the hot Arizona sun, find your zen at a local spa, and then dine under the stars while enjoying the crisp night air.


Old Town Scottsdale

Rich culture, historical buildings, small shops, Art scapes, and museums are all found in Old Town Scottsdale. Old Town’s combination of western-rooted events weaved with Scottsdale’s contemporary scene creates a truly unique environment. The calendar of events is always jam-packed with a multitude of things to do such as rodeos, farmer’s markets, Thursday art walks, wine tasting, auctions, and historical tours. Make your way out to Old Town to enjoy a day of fun under blue skies and surrounded by history and happenings.


The Arts in Scottsdale

Scottsdale radiates artistic and creative culture. Tap into your artistic side by visiting some art-driven events such as the free weekly Art Walk, Canal Convergence, and Scottsdale Contemporary Month. Ready to be dazzled, enchanted, and serenaded? Visit one of Scottsdale’s performing arts theaters to revel in a Broadway production. Scottsdale is home to a handful of museums, each with its own cutting-edge exhibits and attractions. And with over 125 art galleries and studios, this is a great place for artists to live, create, and thrive.


Scottsdale Golf

Your doctor tells you that you need to take your daily iron and get more greens in your diet… so it’s time to hit the golf course. Lucky for you, Scottsdale is home to dozens of spectacular, lush green courses with breathtaking landscapes. Some of the courses create completely unique experiences such as traveling from hole to hole on a Segway. Scottsdale’s courses also feature top-tier dining establishments. So don’t forget to visit one of the fine 19th holes to grab a drink and a bite to eat after crushing your round of golf. Scottsdale is known for being one of the best golf destinations in the world.


It’s Time to Head West to Scottsdale, Arizona!

As you can see, there is so much to do right within the city limits of Scottsdale. Just beyond the city, ski resorts, the Grand Canyon, world-renowned biking trails, wineries, and more are just a few hours away and can be experienced in a quick day trip. We can’t wait for you to golf, dine, tour, and relax in the West’s Most Western Town of Scottsdale, AZ.


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