Introducing Tempe, Arizona

Just east of Phoenix, you will find something a little different. Tempe stands apart from the rest of the metropolitan area of Phoenix, and we think you are going to love it. Tempe’s motto is “refreshingly offbeat,” and it truly lives up to that. With mild winters and 330 days of sun, Tempe is a favorite for outdoor festivities, as well as all the fun and excitement that comes with living in a bustling college town.

If you like quieter community living that’s family-friendly, well Tempe has that too! Because of its proximity to Phoenix, the international airport, as well as door-to-trail outdoor activities, Tempe stands apart from other options as a unique area with something to love for every person.



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Tempe is colorful and fun, with all the makings of your next favorite place to live. Let us dig into what makes Tempe great.


The Tempe Housing Market

Tempe’s popularity is growing massively, with home values increasing 18.1% over the past year alone! Whether you’re looking for a starter home or an investment property, Tempe is a fantastic option. Because of the proximity of Arizona State University, as well as 20 other colleges, there are real opportunities for investment, as well as a booming nightlife and downtown scene. The market is hot and competitive in Tempe because of its growing popularity and the opportunity to turn homes into successful rentals for college students and young professionals. In fact, 46.6% of homes for sale in Tempe sold above list price in the past year. If you are ready to compete for an amazing home in a fun, unique, and active community, you’ll need an experienced real estate agent on your team.


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Median Home Pricing & Cost of Living in Tempe, Arizona

The median home price in Tempe is just about $365,000, and homes are typically on the market for 31 days.

In Tempe, that $365k will generally get you a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom single-family home. In addition, Tempe’s cost of living is about 1% below the national average. This puts housing costs a bit higher than the average across the country, but utilities and groceries are almost 5% lower than the rest of the country. It’s marginal, but those costs add up over time and can save you big in the long run! This contributes to the investment benefit of purchasing property in Tempe.


Top Communities in Tempe

Tempe’s history began around the 1890s and has a long agricultural history that is still reflected in some of the neighborhoods that exist today. Although every neighborhood in Tempe has its benefits, listed below are five of the most popular communities in Tempe.

  1. Optimist Park. The Optimist Park neighborhood is centered around the green space park of the same name. It has a tight-knit community feel and features walking and biking trails, an elementary school, and a mix of residential homes and local businesses.
  2. Sunburst Farms. This community has larger family homes typically on greater amounts of acreage for a more agricultural feel. This community is one of the only ones in the area that has zoning for horses.
  3. Mission Ridge. Mission Ridge is a smaller neighborhood surrounded by parks and fine dining. If you love having close relationships with neighbors for a true community feel, Mission Ridge may be for you.
  4. Tally Ho Farms. Tally Ho Farms is a well-established neighborhood, as it began development in 1966. Many of these homes, like with Sunburst Farms, are horse property. If upscale living with a rural feel is your vibe, check out Tally Ho Farms.
  5. Dava-Lakeshore. This larger community is located in the heart of South Tempe, close to multiple parks, shopping, and amenities.

Tempe brags about its outstanding “bike-ability,” so make sure to scope out what you’d like to be in walking distance of, and what you’re willing to trek a little farther for!


The Job Market in Tempe

Not just for fun and recreation, Tempe also offers many opportunities. Much like other areas in Arizona, Tempe’s job market is growing steadily. Quite a few large companies call Tempe home, like US Airways, State Farm, Wells Fargo, Safeway, First Solar, and other Fortune 500s. The job market in Tempe has increased by 3.3% over the past year, and the predictions over the next 10 years show a 49.9% growth! That looks hugely promising if you are looking to find a new career path, start a business, or invest.

Not without mention, Arizona State University also employees many of Tempe’s residents in many capacities.

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What to do in Tempe

Tempe is an eclectic combination of outdoor activities, family events, and college life. By virtue of ASU’s presence, there seems to always be something fun planned. This ranges from an exciting variety of nightlife and breweries, endless golf opportunities, all the way to paddleboarding on the lake.


Dining in Tempe

Dining in Tempe is just as eclectic as the neighborhood and activities. Three big draws to the area are the local breweries, cafes, and local eateries that tie back to Tempe’s agrarian roots.


  • Local breweries. Craft breweries are multiplying, giving diners and drinkers many options to sample each brewer’s signature style and taste. The ones not to miss are the Four Peaks Brewing Company, Pedal Haus Brewery, Huss Brewing Co., and the Shop Beer Co. These breweries all have their own unique ambiance that’s sure to grab your attention.
  • Cafes and espresso bars. Whether you’re staying up late to study or just love a latte, you’ve got some killer options in Tempe. Be sure to try Cartel Coffee Lab, Press Coffee, King Coffee, and Romancing the Bean. No matter if breweries or americanos are your buzz of choice; you’ll find your favorite local spot. For those who opt for a more healthy lifestyle, there are plenty of whole foods-based spots and vegan options.
  • Casual local eats. Amazing casual eateries thrive in Tempe, getting you great grub in a casual and wallet-friendly setting. Give these a try: The Chuckbox, Culinary Dropout, House of Tricks, Salut Kitchen Bar.


Nightlife in Tempe

Interested in more than coffee and a burger? Consider distillery tasting rooms, sports bars, maybe some dancing! Take the light rail or the city-wide bus service and party responsibly at any one of the downtown distilleries, bars, and clubs. Check out Downtown Tempe for a full list of amazing options.

Maybe you’re a Broadway buff? Tempe gets the best of the best of Broadway shows through ASU’s Gammage. Make all your Broadway-loving friends jealous in the process, as the ASU Gammage features 3000 seats and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Museums and Art in Tempe


If you love a quiet day at a compelling museum, then ASU may be your new favorite stop. There are about 13 free museums throughout the city ranging from contemporary art to children’s discovery exhibits.

Don’t feel constrained to museums—Tempe also has murals and art installations featured all over the city.


Sports in Tempe

If sports are more your speed, you’re going to love what Tempe has to offer. College sports are big in Tempe, with ASU included in the Pac-12 Conference. This means top-of-the-line college football, basketball, and more. Of course, there’s always the close proximity to downtown Phoenix to catch a Suns or Diamondbacks game.


Outdoor Activities in Tempe

Tempe loves to brag about their natural features, and they deserve to! Two of the largest draws are “A” Mountain (also known as Hayden Butte) and Tempe Town Lake (that’s right, a lake in the desert). “A” Mountain, dubbed because of its large “A” on the side as a tribute to ASU, is a central point that provides amazing views. Both offer hiking and walking trails and are favorites for witness Arizona’s impressive sunsets. The lake also has paddle boarding rentals, kayak rentals, boating, and other fun water activities for the whole family.

If sunrises and sunsets are really your things, stop by Air Apparent, a public art installation on the ASU campus. Created by Artist James Turrel as an interpretation of Native American Hohokam shade ramadas and pit houses, this art installation will take your breath away as it manipulates the light.

For an easygoing and beautiful walk, try the Palm Walk at ASU that features 100 date palm trees. The Hole in the Rock at Papago Park is another favorite natural feature with tourists and residents alike.

Welcome to Tempe!


Tempe has a little bit of everything, for everyone. From college life to up-and-coming businesses, Tempe’s energetic influence will have you feeling refreshed and ready for more. Bring your bike and your adventurous attitude: Tempe will take it from there!


Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash