In this 4 part series, we’re going to look at what you’re really getting into when you decide to buy a home in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Buying a home is so much more than just the actual house that you want to move into. In reality, when you purchase a home you buy the whole neighborhood and community that home is located in. If you consider this, it can be a huge advantage in your home buying experience. You may be looking for your dream home, but if you’re not living your dream lifestyle in that home then is it really what you were looking for? This blog series will help you to look into more than just the home you’re buying, and also see the neighborhood you’re buying with it. In this part 1 article in the blog series, we’ll take a closer look at the Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa neighborhoods. That way you can get the full picture of what you’re purchasing when you buy a home in these cities. 


Buying the Gilbert, Arizona Neighborhoods


Gilbert, Arizona has been blowing up as one of the most popular places to live in Arizona. Gilbert is located in Maricopa County and offers a suburban feel to its residents. The population in Gilbert is 243,254 people. Most of the people living in this town are families or young business professionals. The people living in this area are primarily homeowners. With 74% of the population owning their home and only 26% of the population being renters in Gilbert. The median household income in Gilbert, Arizona is $96,857 per year. The median home value in Gilbert is $328,700. While the median cost in monthly rent is $1,518.



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Gilbert Neighborhood Rankings


Gilbert has landed quite a few top spots for rankings across Arizona. For example, Gilbert ranked #2 for Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Arizona out of 57 suburbs. Not to mention, Gilbert also ranked #4 out of 58 for Best Suburbs to Live in Arizona and ranked #5 out of 58 for Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Arizona. Additionally, Gilbert is also ranking quite high in the crime safety department. Gilbert is among the 100 largest cities in the United States. Yet, despite being quite large Gilbert is still the second safest city in America! Talk about a safe place to raise a family. In statistics done for violent crimes Gilbert also ranks very low. Calculated annually per 100,000 residents the Gilbert rate for robbery is 17.7 while the national rate is 135.5. Using the same statistical measurement Gilbert rated 59.5 for assault while the national rate is 282.7. 


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Schools In The Gilbert Arizona Neighborhood

What about schools in this area? Well, you won’t have a hard time finding a good school in Gilbert, we’ll put it that way. If you’re interested in public schools there are a variety to choose from. Some of the highest-ranking public schools in Gilbert are Arizona College Prep (which ranked #9 for Best Public High Schools in Arizona), Gilbert Classical Academy High School (which ranked #14 for Best Public High Schools in Arizona), and Great Hearts Academy (which ranked #12 for Best Public Elementary Schools in Arizona). Each of these schools has an A+ ranking.  If you’re looking for a private school check out Gilbert Christian Schools or Chandler Traditional Academy – Freedom Campus. Both of these options are uniform schools that also have an A ranking. 


Local Things To Do In Gilbert Neighborhoods


If you’re wondering what there is to do in Gilbert you won’t come up short for options. Make sure to take a trip to Downtown Gilbert to take advantage of all of their culinary options. Some great restaurants to check out there are Clever Koi if you like Asian fusion, Postinos for a good tapas and charcuterie bar, or Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles for all of your soul food favorites. If you’re searching for a good coffee shop in Gilbert look no further than Mythical Coffee for a unique, artisanal coffee experience. For some great nightlife stop by Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row or the new rooftop bar Ile-gal Modern Cocktail Kitchen. 


Buying the Chandler, Arizona Neighborhood


The city of Chandler started getting popular a little before Gilbert but is still one of the most up-and-coming places in Arizona. Chandler is a suburb of Phoenix that is also located in Maricopa County. Chandler is a little bit more densely populated than Gilbert, as the Gilbert area is more spread out. The city of Chandler has a population of 252,692 people. Similar to Gilbert, Chandler residents are primarily young business professionals and families. In this city, the residents are also mostly homeowners. The percentage of people who own homes is 65% while the other 35% of residents are renters. The median household income in Chandler is $82,925. The median home value in this city is $300,800. While the median rent here is slightly lower than in Gilbert, coming in at an average of $1,312 per month. 



Chandler Neighborhood Rankings


Chandler has a few high rankings to boast about as well. The city of Chandler ranked #3 for Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Arizona out of 58 suburbs. Which is even a couple of spots higher than Gilbert ranked. The city of Chandler also ranked a little higher than Gilbert for Best Suburbs to Live in Arizona, snagging the #2 spot. If you have kids you’ll find great schools in Chandler as the city was ranked #4 out of 119 for Places with the Best Public Schools in Arizona. 

The city of Chandler also does quite well when it comes to crime and safety. Falling far below national averages for both violent crimes and property crimes. Using the same measurements as above (calculated annually per 100,000 residents), Chandler’s robbery rate is 39.2 while the national average is 135.5. Chandler did have a slightly higher rate for some crimes when compared to Gilbert though. For example, the motor vehicle theft rate in Chandler is 145.1. Which is about 80 points higher than in Gilbert, but still far below the national average at 284. 


Schools In The Chandler Arizona Neighborhood


Like Gilbert, Chandler also has many A-rated schools in its district. Chandler has a slightly better school system to boast about compared to GIlbert. If you’re looking for quality schools for your kids this city has quite a few to offer. For public schools, take a look at BASIS Chandler. This school has both elementary-level campuses and high school campuses. For their high school, they ranked the #6 Best Public High School in Arizona and for their elementary school, they ranked #10 Best Public Elementary School in Arizona. When it comes to private schools check out Seton Catholic Preparatory and Valley Christian Schools. These are both A-ranked schools that offer smaller classroom sizes so that your kid gets a more personalized learning experience. 


Local Things To Do In Chandler Neighborhoods


Living in Chandler, Arizona will give you plenty to do without having to leave your area. If you’re looking for a culinary experience, take a quick drive to downtown Chandler for some excellent food. While you’re there stop into The Perch Brewery for not only great food and drinks but also for the ambiance. At The Perch, they have over 50 brightly colored, tropical rescue birds that are too pretty to take your eyes off of. Also, make sure to drop by Jinya for some seriously great ramen, and if you’re looking for some light lunch fare then check out The Original Chop Shop. They are a great health food cafe offering juices, acai bowls, buddha bowls, chop salads, and more! The coffee scene in Chandler is also not going to disappoint. Peixoto is a must-try Brazilian coffee roastery that’s right in downtown Chandler. Also, make sure to attend the Ostrich Festival that is held in Chandler every March. This event features ostrich races, a morning parade, national and regional entertainment, and also carnival rides and activities. 


Buying the Mesa, Arizona Neighborhood


The popularity of living in the Mesa suburb predated Arizona residents’ migration towards the other suburbs. This is because Mesa is a little closer to the central Phoenix area, and is, therefore, more populated than Gilbert or Chandler. The population in Mesa is 499,720 people, so there is a denser suburban feel to this area as compared to the other two. However, like the other cities, Mesa is mostly populated by families and younger business professionals. People that are residents of Mesa are also majority homeowners. With 61% of its residents owning their homes, and 39% being renters. The median household income in Mesa is $58,181. The average home value in this city is quite a bit cheaper than in the other two, coming in at $226,500. The median rental price for Mesa is also significantly lower at $1,044 for average monthly rent. 



Mesa Neighborhood Rankings


Mesa has quite a few notable rankings not only just within the state of Arizona but also when compared to the rest of America. For instance, Mesa is ranked #19 for Best Cities to Retire in America out of 228 cities. 16% of Mes residents are 65 years or older. Mesa is also ranked #51 out of 228 cities for the Best Cities to Buy a House in America. This is no surprise when you take a look at the affordable home value average that’s mentioned above. Not to mention that Mesa also claims the #56 spot for Cities with the Best Public Schools in America out of 228 cities. So, it won’t be difficult to place your child in a great school when living here. 

The crime rates in Mesa are going to be slightly higher than in the other two cities. However, this is to be expected given that the population is much denser in this location. But regardless of that, the crime rates in Mesa are still well below national averages. The crime rate for robbery in Mesa is 75.3 (calculated annually per 100,000 residents), while the national average lies at 135.5. Motor vehicle theft is also slightly higher than the other cities coming in at 161.9 for the city of Mesa, and the national average is 284. Residents of this city still report feeling safe and loving their area though. With 30% of Mesa residents saying they feel very safe (seeing practically no crime), and 59% of residents feeling pretty safe (there is some crime but they are not impacted by it). 


Schools In The Mesa Arizona Neighborhood


As mentioned earlier, Mesa has quite the roster of A+ public schools to brag about. Some of the best schools in the area are the Gilbert Classical Academy High School and the Self Development Academy. Both of these schools offer a 20 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio so the class sizes are not too large, and students still get enough personal direction from the teacher. If your kid is interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs look no further than ASU Preparatory Academy – Poly STEM Academy. Which will get your child ready to start a career in science and math-based fields while still in middle school or high school. If you’re interested in private schools, Mesa still has some viable options but they just don’t carry as much rapport as some of the public schools in the area. Nonetheless, check out Faith Christian School and Redeemer Christian School for some great private school options. 


Local Things To Do In Mesa Neighborhoods


Mesa is Arizona’s third-largest city, and for that reason, there are a variety of museums and other activities to enjoy in this city. Stop by Golfland any time of year for some mini-golf, go-carting, arcade games, or play on the bumper boats. In the summer months check out Sunsplash and take advantage of their water park. This park has 29 different water theme rides and a fun selection of other swimming pools and wave pools. If you’d like to see some of the histories of Mesa stop by the Mesa Historical Museum, or for an artistic experience go to the Mesa Arts Center. Mesa is close to several other suburbs and is, therefore, the perfect spot to live to take advantage of all the things other cities close by have to offer. Just a quick drive on the freeway can land you in Scottsdale, Downtown Chandler, or Downtown Gilbert in under 20 minutes. 


Summary of Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa Neighborhoods


In summary, the suburbs of Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa are all promising neighborhoods for your new home. The residents of these cities are going to be mostly younger people such as new families. This is why there are plenty of things to do in this part of the valley. From first-class dining experiences to festivals and events, and amazing nightlife. You’ll never be bored living in these suburban areas. Not to mention, the grade A schools that Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa are all known for. Making these three suburbs perfect starting points for young families and young business professionals alike. 


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