The Phoenix Valley covers over 500 square miles and stretches out in every which direction. In the northwest corner of the valley, you’ll find the adventurous city of Peoria. Peoria, AZ is a fast-growing community that offers many attractions for those who love the outdoors, sports, diversity, and a sense of close-knit community. Whether you’re coming to spend a weekend on the boat or are wanting to make a big move to a new city, Peoria has a ton to offer to its residents and tourists.

Peoria was nominated as one of the Top 10 Places to Live by Money magazine and there’s a laundry list of reasons why. With a population of just over 168,000, 300 days of sunshine per year, desirable amenities, and outdoor recreation, it’s easy to see why so many want to live in this city in the Grand Canyon State.



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The Peoria Housing Market

Deciding on a place to live can be a daunting task. Considering your family’s happiness, schooling systems, cost of living, job availability, and housing are all important factors in your decision. When you take a look at these factors in Peoria, you’ll quickly realize why this city is named one of the top places to live in the United States. We are sure that the Peoria housing market will make its way to the top of your list when you learn everything you need to know about this beautiful desert city.


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Median Home Pricing and Cost of Living

The median home price in Peoria, Arizona is just under $400,000, which is about 14% less than the average housing costs in the United States. The average house size is just under 2,000 square feet and the most common type of housing is a single-family home. In Peoria, the most popular home styles are pueblo revival, mid-century modern, ranch houses, and Spanish colonial revival homes.

A cost of living index makes it easy to determine how far you can stretch your money when looking into relocating to a new city. These indexes consider the average costs of transportation, utilities, housing, groceries, health care, and goods in a specific area. The cost of living in Peoria is 8 points higher than the average cost of living in Arizona and 10 points higher than the average cost of living in the US. But it is 34 points lower than the cost of living in Los Angeles. Local healthcare is more affordable, and other expenses such as groceries, utilities, transportation, and the housing market are slightly more expensive.

Vistancia In Peoria, Arizona

Right on the border of the urban sprawl, Vistancia offers a massive master-planned community close to several hiking spots and Lake Pleasant. The neighborhood stretches for 3,450 acres and includes a golf course. For the golf lovers, the outdoorsy types and the families just looking for a quiet backdrop, Vistancia offers some gorgeous views in a clever layout.


Top Communities in Peoria, Arizona

Peoria is mostly located in Maricopa County but does slightly cross over to Yavapai County. This Arizonan city is ranked as the 14th safest city in the state, and a few of the hottest neighborhoods in Peoria are as follows:

Cottonwood Ranch. Cottonwood Ranch is a well-established family community that offers midsize homes and competitive home pricing. This neighborhood is surrounded by parks and outdoor activities and continues to draw in families in Peoria.
Sun Town. Sun Town features cozy homes with very reasonable prices. This makes it a great neighborhood for young families who are just starting out.

Pinecrest. Pinecrest is a single-family housing development that is located in the heart of Peoria and features a beautiful, grassy park at the center of the community.

Estates at The Meadows. If you’re looking for a luxurious, high-end community, The Meadows is the neighborhood for you. With homes in the $1+ million range, you’ll be living in the lap of luxury.

With the variation of neighborhoods and communities that Peoria has to offer, there is sure to be a community that fits your lifestyle. If you are wondering which community best fits your family’s needs, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to find a neighborhood that accommodates you.

The Job Market

With a median household income of $75,000, Peoria residents make about $8,000 more per year than the national average. The most common industries found in the area include healthcare, retail, insurance, education, construction, and manufacturing. Within these fields, there is a wide variety of careers such as administration, business management, sales, marketing, and more. Peoria’s largest employers include American Express, Intel, Southwest Airlines, and Salt River Project.

In addition, a lot of residents commute from Peoria to Phoenix. This commute is about 14 miles, or a 30 minute drive each way. Expanding your job search to Phoenix can open up even more opportunities for you and your family.

Lake Pleasant Near Peoria, Arizona

Lake Pleasant marks the top end of Peoria, offering residents the second largest lake in the state for boating, fishing, and sailing. The man-made reservoir hides behind low-lying desert vegetation, an artificial oasis in the Sonoran Desert. Lake Pleasant is a great place to know about for anyone who lives in the valley, keep this one on your list.

Schools in Peoria, Arizona

Peoria has a population of over 30,000 school-aged children between the ages of 5 and 17. This great number of students is distributed throughout 4 different school districts: Deer Valley Unified District, Happy Valley School District, Peoria Unified School District, and BASIS Charter Schools. Within these districts, you’ll find amazing schooling programs, some of which are ranked in the top schools in Arizona.
Higher Education

Although there aren’t any colleges within the city limits, you’ll find secondary-education schools such as Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, Arizona Christian University, and the University of Phoenix nearby.

10 Things To Do In Peoria

Do you love the outdoors? Are you a sports fanatic? Are you obsessed with the world of theatre? Do you love shopping until your feet hurt? We truly mean it when we say that the city of Peoria has something for everyone. This vibrant city features different events, activities, and facilities that are sure to keep you busy every single weekend. Here are the top 10 things for you to do while in Peoria.

Go to a Spring Training game.

Hop in your car and drive to the Peoria Sports Complex. During Spring Training season, you’ll be able to watch the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners play baseball at this complex. Grab your ticket, grab a hot dog, grab your seat and enjoy America’s favorite pastime. In the off-season, you’ll be able to attend events at the sports complex such as youth sports games, shopping events, public health events, festivals, and more.

Visit Old Town Peoria.

Downtown Peoria is an up-and-coming area for visitors and residents alike. Here, you’ll find local drinks and eateries, parks, gathering spaces, the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts, the Community Center, and outdoor art exhibits. Order a coffee at Driftwood Coffee Co and walk around and view the outdoor art exhibits. Sounds like a beautiful morning!

Go to Rio Vista Recreation Center.

When you visit the Rio Vista Recreation Center, you’re likely to see a lot of local families enjoying their day. This 52-acre, multifaceted rec center features racquetball courts, pools, gym equipment, a rock-climbing wall, group fitness classes, children’s programs, and more. There is truly something for everyone to do while visiting this rec center.

Play Golf!

Is golf the highlight of your vacation? Then Peoria is a great spot for you to head to. Peoria is home to 5 golf courses. Gorgeous greens, flowing waterways, prestigious facilities, and diverse landscapes draw in golfers from all over the world. Ready to hit the links? Visit a course in or around this golf-centered city.

Grab a drink at the Moon Saloon.

Want to drink like a local? Visit one of Peoria’s favorite watering holes, the Moon Saloon. This casual sports bar offers a neighborhood-like feel where you can have endless conversations with fellow bar-goers while watching your favorite sports games.

Be entertained at the Arizona Broadway Theatre.

You may not be in New York, but you can still get a taste of Broadway while visiting Peoria. The Arizona Broadway Theatre is a luxurious dinner theater that offers full-service dining while performing your Broadway favorites. They have up to 8 shows per week, so be sure to check the schedule during your stay.

Hike the New River Trail.

The New River Trail is often dense with walkers, runners, and cyclists. It offers almost 17 miles of trails and allows you to enjoy the outdoors in whatever way you prefer.

Spend a day on Lake Pleasant.

Whatever way you like to spend your day at the lake, you can do it at Lake Pleasant. Relax on the sandy banks, ski behind a speed boat, or even relax on a riverboat for a scenic cruise on Lake Pleasant.

Visit the P83 Entertainment District.

P83 Entertainment District is a gateway for entertainment of all types. You can visit the Peoria Sports Complex, do some retail therapy at its many shops, eat at a local restaurant or even visit the virtual shooting range.
Attend one of Peoria’s signature festivals. Throughout the year, Peoria hosts several festivals and special events for you to enjoy. From Easter egg hunts to Oktoberfest to a city-wide gingerbread house competition, you’ll find an event that fits your interests.


Welcome to Peoria

As you can see, there are a ton of reasons that Peoria was nominated as one of the Top Ten Places To Live in the United States. There’s no question that living in Peoria is a great choice for people interested in the Phoenix metropolitan area. If you are interested in making the move to Peoria, shoot us a message! We would love to help you find your dream home. If you love to spend your free time outdoors, come visit Peoria and see everything we have to offer.